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Download the Muscle Manual

This muscle anatomy guide is designed to serve as a learning tool for those studying for fitness related qualifications.

For this purpose, the coloured tabs at the bottom of each page indicate whether the information relates to knowledge requirements for Level 2 (fitness instruction) or Level 3 (personal training). Please note that the knowledge for Level 2 also forms part of the Level 3 requirement. The tabs marked ‘Additional knowledge’ highlight muscles that are supplementary to Level 2 and 3 knowledge requirements.

The information has been presented in a step by step format that will not only aid revision, but will also support use of the manual during practical workshops. Each individual muscle or muscle group is illustrated with origin and insertion points, as well as relevant bony landmarks, and the accompanying text makes use of icons to simplify understanding and aid revision.

Download in iBooks format for your iPad (41.7MB) >>
Download in PDF format for your computer (8.69MB) >>

Please note: The iBooks version can take up to 15 minutes to download via your iPad, depending on your connection. Once complete, it will prompt you to open it via the iBooks app.

How to manually put an iBooks file onto your iPad
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Please note: Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer, as well as the latest version of iBooks on your iPad.

  1. Make sure the downloaded iBook file is on your desktop.
  2. Open up iTunes on your computer.
  3. Once iTunes has loaded, click the 'iPad' button in the top-right.
  4. Then click the 'On This iPad' tab.
  5. Go to your desktop and drag the iBooks file into the 'Books' folder in the left-hand column.
  6. Finally, go back to the iBooks app on your iPad - the book is now ready for you to view!
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