Power Club Training Online Course

This online course will give you a valuable insight into how to perform and teach a variety of highly effective power club training exercises. A power club is essentially a weighted bat that can range from 2-20kg. The course is aimed at fitness enthusiasts, Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers wishing to gain a sound understanding of power clubs and to learn an exciting range of training techniques.

Entry Requirements

To enroll on this power club training course it would be appropriate to already have a sound understanding of basic exercise and training variables. The course provides guidance on how to optimise the use of power club training as part of a regular fitness training programme.

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Covering the theory behind power clubs as well as the design of programmes and access to the Premier power club exercise library, this course aims to give you a practical insight into how to perform and teach power club training exercises.

Upon completion of this course you may be interested to take some of our other online courses such as Medicine Ball Training Online or Advanced Kettlebell Training Online. These online courses will help to broaden your knowledge of popular training mediums that are increasingly being used within the fitness environment.

Within this course you will cover three main topics:

  • Power clubs introductory theory
  • Power clubs exercise library
  • Power clubs programme design

This course is delivered purely through online learning and you will have a maximum of 3 months to complete the course.

0% interest payment plans available

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