Policy statement
Premier Training International (PTI) is committed to the elimination of unlawful discrimination and to the promotion of equality of opportunity or learners and prospective learners, in its functions of:

  • selection, recruitment and initial assessment
  • community links and partnerships
  • induction and management of learning
  • programme delivery
  • assessment and review
  • verification
  • achievement and progression
  • monitoring and review
  • learning, examining, curriculum development and quality assurance

The aim of the policy is to ensure that all learners and prospective learners are all treated equally, fairly and with the highest standards of customer care, irrespective of: race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, educational achievement, gender, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, age, disability, political or religious belief or socio-economic class.

This policy is augmented by its learner anti-harassment policy and its procedures for support of learners with additional support needs and disabilities.

This Equal Opportunities Policy operates within the legal framework of various pieces of legislation including the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations Act 1976 as amended by the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Part 4), the Sexual Orientation Regulations 2003 and the Religion or Belief Regulations 2003.

Key outcomes

  • learners and staff are expected to respect the policy and practices in their dealings with all members of the PTI community and to behave in a way which reflects and appreciates the diversity of the PTI community
  • PTI is committed to a continuing programme of action to make these policies and practices effective breaches of this policy by staff or learners will be fairly investigated and, where appropriate, action will be taken
  • all equal opportunities procedures will be fair, consistent and monitored

Harassment complaints
Any learner who alleges that he or she has been the subject of discrimination or harassment has recourse to the PTI complaints and harassment policies and procedures.

Monitoring, assessment and review
PTI monitors, assesses and reviews the effectiveness of its Equal Opportunities policy and its undertakings in its Learner Charter. All PTI’s functions relating to learners will continue to be monitored and reviewed.

This policy will continue to be monitored and revised on a regular basis to ensure compliance with relevant statutory legislation.

Measuring success
PTI considers its Equal Opportunities Policy to be central to its quality management and to ensure employers and learners enjoy equality of access and provision. PTI undertakes the following:

  1. Through its marketing materials and presentations PTI will ensure that its commitment to Equal Opportunities is understood by all its stakeholders.
  2. All applicants for programmes will be offered guidance and support regardless of: race, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, gender, age, marital status or religion.
  3. Programmes of learning and assessment will be designed to promote equal access.
  4. We will collect anonymous information allowing us to calculate on a quarterly basis information on the age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, prior learning and achievement, health/disability and progression of our learners. These will be measured against our own targets towards greater diversity.
  5. PTI’s learner policies will provide all learners with equal rights and responsibilities.
  6. Provision of learning support will be available to all those identified as being in need, enabling equal access to all courses wherever possible. Where additional or specialised provision is required – and not available through PTI – arrangements or referrals will be made to ensure that provision can be accessed by the learner.
  7. Premier Training International may advise learners which courses and venues are the most suitable based upon our aim to provide the most suitable delivery of training to each individual.
  8. Information obtained from learners through: programme reviews, learner achievements, questionnaires, surveys and interviews will be anonymous and used to improve the equality of opportunity available.
  9. All learners will have an opportunity through programme feedback and questionnaires to freely express personal views. These anonymous views will be taken into account by the Learner Charter Monitoring Team and actions taken.

Every quarter, the PTI management team meets to measure its success against these 9 statements and sets targets for improvement.