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NASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation


NASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation Course

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation

cimspa endorsed performance enhancement specialist doing drills with client

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation


As an NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES), you will provide cutting-edge performance training for athletic clients at all levels.

Earn 10 CIMSPA Endorsed CPD points

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What Will I Learn

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As an NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, you’ll be equipped to help athletes of all levels move better, be faster and become stronger by creating training programmes focused on their individual goals while achieving peak performance.

By expanding your knowledge and skillset, you’ll improve your personal marketability with sports- minded clientele. You’ll be able to provide athletes with comprehensive guidance on sports nutrition strategies, mental toughness and cutting-edge training processes.

You will be able to identify the foundational principles that lead to enhanced sports performance for athletes of various fitness needs and goals, design safe and effective training programmes used for improving performance amongst various sports, and provide evidence-based solutions that help build tougher, faster and stronger athletes.  With your knowledge you will also be able to evaluate exercise selection, execution, and techniques specific to sports performance as well as determine performance assessments used to assess and programme for athletes in different seasons throughout a training year.

Course Curriculum

A Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification is recommended for this CPD course. Alternately a high level of working knowledge in the health and fitness industry would be accepted for the Performance Enhancement Specialisation.

Chapter 1: Integrated Training Essentials
By utilizing the components of integrated training, you will not only help clients achieve maximal levels of performance in their chosen sports, but you will help them stay injury-free both on and off the field.

Chapter 2: Science of Human Movement
By understanding how to bridge the gap between science and application, you will hold a solid base of knowledge in the concepts of kinesiology and biomechanics, developing a clear understanding of how the Human Movement System functions to support and adapt to every movement the body can make.

Chapter 3: Testing in Sports Performance
The comprehensive postural, movement, and performance assessment process is the platform from which any effective training programme is developed. By determining the athlete's needs in advance, through both subjective and objective means, you will be able to identify exactly at which level to begin to maximize injury prevention and client goal achievement.

9 Videos

9 Videos

Chapter 4: Flexibility Training Concepts
The journey toward the highest echelons of sports performance begins with the proper alignment of the kinetic chain. To optimize an athlete's performance improvement, the musculoskeletal system needs the correct length-tension and force-couple relationships. By implementing an integrated flexibility regimen with your clients, you will ensure they have optimal joint range of motion during both competition and everyday life.

Chapter 5: Metabolic Energy System Training
Without a solid cardiorespiratory base, athletes will be limited in the levels of performance they can achieve. By utilizing techniques that challenge both the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways, you will help athletes enhance their endurance, extending the onset of fatigue so they can train and compete at their best for longer durations.

Chapter 6: Core Training Concepts
The core is the foundational place from which all movement is initiated and stabilized. Optimizing the function and performance of the lumbo-pelvic-hip-complex will allow athletes to generate more explosive power, transfer and stabilize both internal and external forces, and remain anchored during even the most intense athletic encounters.

Chapter 7: Balance Training Concepts
In order to properly cope with the numerous external forces that athletes encounter during play, they need the ability to maintain their body's center of gravity over its base of support. An integrated balance training component will increase athletes' proprioceptive abilities and allow them to maintain equilibrium as they run, cut, jump, dive, slide, and recover from collisions.

Chapter 8: Plyometric Training Concepts
One of the most important aspects of an athlete's performance capability is being able to quickly reduce and stabilize forces, then rapidly react to produce force in the fastest possible time. Plyometric training focuses on improving this through various tasks that enhance neuromuscular control, efficiency, and rate of force production.

Chapter 9: Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training
Not only do athletes need to perform plyometric tasks in the most efficient way possible, they also need to be able to redirect those forces, stay light on their feet, and maintain top speed for as long as is needed. Speed, agility, and quickness training will involve various learned motor skills that enhance your clients' ability to react, change direction, accelerate, and perform whatever complex movements their chosen sports demand.

Chapter 10: Resistance Training Concepts
Today's athletes are bigger, stronger, and more powerful than ever before, requiring fitness professionals to think outside the box of traditional strength and conditioning techniques. A systematic, integrated resistance training component can be tailored to enhance the performance and function of any athlete, regardless of their fitness levels or individual goals.

20 Videos

20 Videos

Chapter 11: Olympic Lifting for Performance Enhancement
A high level of explosive power is a necessity for success in most sports. In order to achieve the maximal strength and rate of force production needed to excel, exercise selection must be carefully considered. A sport within itself, Olympic lifting is highly beneficial to use as a training tool with athletes of any sport in order to achieve maximal levels of power endurance.

Chapter 12: The Science of Periodization and the OPT™
Simply put, periodization is how you break-up and structure a fitness programme. Thoughtful, detailed programme design will allow you to systematically progress any client toward any fitness goal. Through focused arrangement and manipulation of the acute variables, you will be able to develop programmes utilizing every component of integrated training to enhance performance and prevent injury in the most efficient way possible.

Chapter 13: Injury Prevention for the Athlete
Everything from ankle sprains to ACL tears can derail even the most accomplished athletes' ability to participate in the sports they love. To avoid this all-too-common pitfall, it is vital to incorporate proven concepts and techniques to reduce the risk of injury, recondition athletes' bodies after an injury, and keep your clients performing at their best each and every day.

Chapter 14: Performance Nutrition
Even with the most advanced training techniques in the world, athletes are only as good as the fuel they put into their bodies. Consuming the right foods and liquids, at the right times, can greatly enhance an athlete's ability to improve during training and perform on game day. A foundational understanding of performance nutrition will allow you to have informed discussions with clients and direct them to the best sources from which they can fuel their bodies.

Chapter 15: Ergogenic Aids
Athletes of all shapes and sizes are always looking for a performance edge over the competition. Oftentimes, that edge is created through the use of substances marketed to enhance an athlete's performance through a variety of mechanisms. From protein shakes to creatine supplements and everything in between, understanding the various safe and legal means of ergogenic supplementation will help you keep your athletes at the top of their game, while remaining healthy and in compliance with World Anti-Doping Agency regulations.

Chapter 16: Psychology in Sports Performance
All the technical and performance capabilities of an athlete go to waste without the ability to effectively put those skills into practice. Without focused concentration and motivation from within, one will never have the drive to push his or her sports performance to the next level. By learning how to tap into the psychological components that distinguish an athlete from an everyday exerciser, you can help your clients identify their ideal performance states, making it easier for them to get in the zone and excel.

22 Videos

22 Videos

You have access to a study guide and two practice exams to help you prepare for your Final Exam. Review the study guide before beginning, then click below to access your practice exams.

Please complete the end-of-course survey. Your Certification Exam is located in the NASM PES (EXAM) enrollment found on the My Courses page of your account.


  • NASM-PES Digital Textbook
  • Online PES Exam
  • 2 Online Practice Exams
  • Syllabus and Study Guide
  • Application Videos
  • Lecture Videos
  • Exercise Libraries
  • Module Quizzes

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon passing the end of the course exam, you will become an NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES).

You have 365 days from the date of purchase or date of enrollment key activation.

The exam is completed online through your NASM student portal. You have 3 initial attempts. If you fail all 3 exam attempts, a retest can be purchased.

You must get a 70% of higher to successfully pass the exam.

It is recommended that you have a Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training or a high level of working knowledge the fitness industry. To improve your understanding of the latest, greatest fitness concepts, check out our other fitness cpd courses.

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