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Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing



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Our Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to start working as a Gym Instructor. Take your first exciting steps to becoming a Level 2 Personal Trainer in the UK.

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What Will I Learn

As part of your Level 2 Personal Trainer Course, you'll learn everything required to start working as a gym instructor. As well as develop a working knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how it relates to exercise and fitness.

You'll also gain the ability to deliver safe and effective gym sessions to clients by understanding the methods required to create a safe fitness environment. Master the skills in this course and enhance your employability with a proper understanding of how to deliver good customer service and operate on the gym floor.

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Course Curriculum

Our Level 2 Gym Instructor online course is an entry-level course, meaning there are no prior educational qualifications required. However, you must be at least 16 years of age to enrol. If you would like to discuss which diploma package suits you best, call our Course Advisors on 0333 920 3622.

Skeletal System
This section shows just how vital our skeletal system is, from the axial and appendicular skeleton to the structure of the spine. Obtain the knowledge you need to identify the functions of bones, ligaments, joints, and more.

The Neuromuscular System
This section shows just how vital our skeletal system is, from the axial and appendicular skeleton to the structure of the spine. Obtain the knowledge you need to identify the functions of bones, ligaments, joints, and more.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Fitness Instructor
As a fitness instructor, your role is to motivate clients, help them adhere to exercise programmes, do fitness assessments, and more. This section will breakdown the scope of practice for being an instructor, including insurance and documentation requirements.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Fitness Instructor
As a fitness instructor, your role is to motivate clients, help them adhere to exercise programmes, do fitness assessments, and more. This section will breakdown the scope of practice for being an instructor, including insurance and documentation requirements.

Exploring the Needs of Fitness Facility Customers
This will cover the products and services needed for a thriving fitness facility and provide information on membership options, contracts, and the customer journey in context.

Providing Excellent Customer Care
Meeting clients’ needs is a minimum requirement; it provides a satisfactory experience. Providing an exceptional service requires you to exceed clients’ expectations. This part of the course will show you how.

Continuing Professional Development and Reflective Practice
Learn why taking fitness CPD courses is absolutely vital for keeping your knowledge and skills updated regularly. The health and fitness industry continues to grow and change quickly, so it is important to stay adaptable.

4 Webinars

2 Handouts

2 Review Activities

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
The Cardio and Respiratory systems are crucial for the healthy transportation of oxygen and blood throughout the body. This section will teach you the principles of these essential functions.

Energy Systems
Learn the science behind ATP, speed and energy production, and how these factors affect your clients' overall energy levels.

The Digestive System
Journey through the alimentary canal and become well-versed in the subjects of gut health, the role of various organs for digestion, and the overall process of how the body breaks down food and uses it for fuel.

Health and Wellbeing
This section will teach how becoming a fitness professional entails more than helping people lift heavier weights or run faster. Instead, the overall goal is health and wellbeing.

Components of Fitness and Special Populations
Because every client has unique health considerations and body types, knowing how to safely vary exercise and physical activity is essential. Learn how to deliver personalized exercise selection to special populations.

4 Webinars

1 Printable Handout

1 Interactive Audio Lecture

The Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace
The purpose of health and safety in the workplace is to ensure the welfare of employees, customers, and any person using services or visiting the facility. This section will go into practical strategies for well-being while at work.

Controlling Hazards and Risks
To prevent risks and hazards when training clients requires an in-depth understanding of potential incidents. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will lead to better, safer training sessions.

How to Maintain a Safe and Effective Gym-Based Exercise Environment
Within a fitness facility, the risk of injury and illness is higher than that of the average working environment. Because of that risk, no stone must be left unturned to ensure the safety of others. Explore more in this part of the course.

Cleanliness in a Fitness Environment
Gain an understanding of the importance of cleanliness in all fitness environments. Because the potential for spreading germs is high in any gym or fitness club, you will learn what it takes to handle cleaning effectively.

Collecting Information
This section will teach you, as a fitness instructor, how to collect information, what information to gather, and how to support clients in making positive behaviour changes. Information collection includes health assessments, informed consent, and other methods.

Working with Clients to Make Positive Behaviour Changes
Learn how to set realistic expectations for clients, addresss barriers, the role of self-monitoring, and how to set up your clients for consistent success through Behaviour Change.

The Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle
It's one thing to deliver excellent fitness prescription to your clients, and another to provide enough context and explanation to explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Learn a wealth of knowledge on that very subject.

The Importance of Healthy Eating and Hydration
You can't outwork a poor diet. The recipe for fitness success has to do with nutrient-rich foods and proper hydration. Successful outcomes - as this section shows - are driven by a healthy diet and adequate hydration.

The Use of Technology for Supporting Clients in Achieving Their Exercise Goals
Learn the power of fitness wearables, diet trackers, apps, and other technological applications for keeping your clients on the narrow path to a healthier lifestyle.

4 Webinars

1 Handout

2 Review Activities

The Level 2 Certificate in Gym/Fitness instructing includes (2) exams. The Level 2 - A&P for exercise consists of 50 questions, with 105 minutes to complete. The Level 2 -Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health consists of 32 questions, with 90 minutes to complete.


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Why Learn Online With Premier Global NASM?

  • Study your Level 2 Personal Trainer course anywhere, anytime in our virtual classrooms with live tutors
  • Never miss a session with all Level 2 Personal Trainer course content and material available through our online Personal Training courses
  • Learn uninterrupted with no stress of a traditional classroom (enhance learning potential)
  • Learn from experienced tutors who coach and support you every step of the way
  • Interactive instruction on exercise technique, coaching and cueing
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Your Premier Global NASM Diploma course provides you an enrollment duration for both the exam and content of 180 days from the date of purchase or enrollment key activation.

The course follows a suggested schedule to maximize the learning process, and the course Tutor follows a grading schedule within the course to assist you with feedback, which includes 4 weeks after the 10 week program timeframe to review late assignments. You do have access to the course and materials for 180 days from your time of purchase or enrolment key activation, but take caution if you fall behind, as breaking from the suggested schedule limits participation in the group discussions and timely information from the Tutors to assist you in best preparing for the Assessments and Exams. If you find yourself behind by more than 4 weeks you will want to reach out to the Success Coach team for by phone at 0333 400 0354 or by email at

You can find a full downloadable PDF of the textbooks within your Getting Started Module. Additionally, a non-downloadable flip book (eBook) will be available for each Module.

The course follows a suggested schedule that optimizes the ability to learn and recall the material on the exam/ assessments, and that is the schedule your Tutor will follow to facilitate the discussion questions and provide feedback within the course. However, you can work ahead in all areas, except for the discussion questions that are each opened at the start of their scheduled week. You can still see the questions and review the content; you just cannot post to the discussion forum until it has been opened by a Success Coach.

Salaries within this industry vary greatly. Fitness Instructors employed at one of the more recognised health and fitness clubs can expect to receive a salary starting anywhere between £13,000 – £18,000 per year. For instructors who have more advanced fitness training skills, including the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, earnings will potentially be enhanced by an extra £3,000 – £10,000 per annum.

On completion of our courses many students follow a self-employed career path. In this situation they could charge anything starting from £25 per hour and up to £70 per hour depending upon location. A successful self-employed Personal Trainer can earn well in advance of £35,000 per year. For Sports Massage, charges range from £15 – £60 per treatment. Premier helps all students find suitable employment opportunities through our Recruitment Team.

Students who wish to enrol onto a University course would usually need to ensure they have successfully gained at least a grade C in GCSE Maths and English. Subsequently, when completing the UCAS form, applicants need to highlight achievement of the Awarding Organisation Active IQ (AIQ) fitness qualification in their personal statement. This is because AIQ qualifications have been matched with occupational standards set by the QCA (Qualifications Curriculum Authority), an organisation more familiar to UCAS than Premier Global NASM.

After the initial enrolment duration, you will no longer have access to the Guided Study course. This means, at that time, you will lose the ability to use all videos, activities, quizzes, and resources from the course. If you need an extension for your course, please contact Premier Global Member Services at 0333 400 0353. Please note, extension fees may apply.

You will complete the Level 2 exams online through your Moodle platform. They can be found within your course under the relevant modules. All exams are timed and if you need to re-sit the exam, you will need to call Member Services by phone at 0333 400 0353. Please note, additional fees may apply.

The majority of gym or fitness operators will require you have at least a Level 2 qualification that is recognised by a UK governing body before you are able to teach group fitness classes for them or instruct their clients in any capacity. You may also need to have further specialised qualifications based on the nature of the class. It is unlikely that you will find appropriate insurance to cover you to teach these classes, without the necessary qualifications.

A Level 2 Gym Instruction qualification is designed to enable you to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes and some group fitness classes within a gym, health club, leisure centre or fitness facility environment. It will also equip you with a foundation of knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology and the skills to carry out inductions, and provide basic guidance to individuals on the gym floor. You will need to complete your Level 2 certification before you can enrol to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.

If you would like to become a fitness instructor and support clients with using equipment in a gym, health club, leisure centre or fitness facility environment, you will need to qualify as a Level 2 Gym Instructor with a provider, such as Premier Global NASM, who offers nationally recognised certification.

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