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NASM Weight Loss Specialisation


Become a Weight Loss Specialist

Become a Weight Loss Specialist

cimspa endorsed weight loss specialist teaching client

NASM Weight Loss Specialisation

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Help clients transform their body composition and learn how to design effective exercise and weight management programmes.

Earn 10 CIMSPA Endorsed CPD points

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What Will I Learn

As most people know, we are in the midst of an obesity epidemic caused by a number of factors including sedentary lifestyles, urbanisation and mechanised transport to name a few. That’s why we’ve created an in-depth programme that sees weight loss from every angle, giving you the scientific and psychological tools to help clients achieve their goals.

As a Weight Loss Specialist, you’ll get a comprehensive look at how to help your clients overcome the myriad of personalised challenges that come with losing weight consistently and effectively.

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Course Curriculum

A Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification is recommended for this CPD course. Alternately a high level of working knowledge in the health and fitness industry would be accepted for the Weight Loss Specialisation.

Chapter 1: Introduction
This introductory chapter will set you up for success as a PT. Within you will review the program objectives, and meet the client personas that will be used as case studies throughout the course

Chapter 2: Scope of Practice
Have you wondered where Weight Loss Specialists fit into the healthcare continuum? This chapter provides an overview of the WLS in context and how to best serve your clients while at the same time ensuring best practices.

Chapter 3: The State of Obesity
Obesity is a prevalent health risk in the world. To help clients counteract obesity, you will learn the scope of obesity and how it impacts society and clients. These insights are important for understanding clients at a fundamental level and how you, as a Weight Loss Specialist, can address the key drivers of obesity.

Chapter 4: The Physiology of Obesity
You will learn how obesity drives physiological changes in your clients' bodies. These changes affect organs, hormonal, metabolic, and neurobiological systems within the body.

Chapter 5: Psychosocial and Obesity
Because of just how important self-esteem and body image is for your clients, this chapter will discuss three critical domains of the psychosocial components of obesity: mental health, social influences, and eating disorders.

Chapter 6: Metabolism
Metabolism is a crucial aspect of counteracting obesity. To introduce the subject, this chapter will go over energy balance needs, and circle around to touch on environmental and genetic factors. Learn about the primary theories of what causes obesity from a metabolic standpoint and how a Weight Loss Specialist can provide solutions to clients.

Chapter 7: Nutrition and Supplementation
This chapter will give a detailed prospectus of diets, nutrition, and supplementation. Not only will you learn about popular dietary schemes, but you will also be equipped with the necessary knowledge to instruct clients on the right supplements to target in their diets.

Chapter 8: The Impact of Exercise on Weight Loss
Exercise is most commonly thought of as one of the critical components to weight loss; however, exactly how it affects weight loss is often misunderstood. Learn about calories, how we expend them, the overall perspective on metabolism as it relates to weight loss, and how the subject factors into mental health.

Chapter 9: Psychology of Weight Loss
The psychological effects of weight loss are as important as the physiological ones. This chapter will review five key components of the psychology of weight loss: coping, dieting, will power, adherence, and ambivalence.

Chapter 10: The Client Intake Process
Individuals who require weight loss have specific needs when it comes to assessment. This chapter will review the fundamentals of developing a proper intake process and will provide tools for you, as a Weight Loss Specialist, to use.

Chapter 11: Conducting Fitness Assessments
Much like all aspects of personal training, if you are not assessing, you are guessing. To provide the clearest, most efficient exercise prescription for your clients, you will want to gauge the overall health and wellness of your clients in a systematic way. This chapter will show you how from a weight loss perspective.

Chapter 12: Nutrition Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss
This chapter will delve into creating weight loss programmes, adherence strategies, and the specifics on modifying existing nutritional plans for weight loss. Additionally, you will learn about behavior change models that have been shown in research to be effective.

Chapter 13: Fitness Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss
Not every client will get the same results from exercise. Because of this it's important to understand how differences in overall expenditure vary for individuals. In this chapter you will learn about those differences, the constrained energy model, and the role of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) in the context of fitness coaching and weight loss.

Chapter 14: Integrating Nutrition and Fitness with the Weight Loss Client
One of the largest components of success for your clients is integrating nutrition and fitness coaching together for weight loss. This chapter will show you how to do just that.

Chapter 15: Weight Maintenance and Sustainability
This chapter will review key aspects of how to ensure clients have sustainable results and stick to a weight maintenance plan that makes sense for them.

After the completion of the course, you will take an online final exam from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests, that consists of 100 questions. Each question will be multiple-choice. The exam is timed and cannot exceed 90 minutes. To pass, you need a score of 70% or higher. Don’t fret though, if you score below that, you have up to 3 attempts to pass.


  • 100% Online Course
  • 19 High-End Videos
  • 15 In-Depth Chapters
  • 30+ Downloadable Resources
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • 100-Question Final Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon passing the end of the course exam, you will become an NASM Weight Loss Specialist (NASM-WLS)

You have 365 days from the date of purchase or date of enrollment key activation.

The exam is completed online through your NASM student portal. You have 3 initial attempts. If you fail all 3 exam attempts, a retest can be purchased.

You must get a 70% of higher to successfully pass the exam.

It is recommended that you have a Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training or a high level of working knowledge the fitness industry.

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